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Mail Container "KPS-400"



Mail Container "KPS-400" DNIM.301241.024 is designed for the transporta-tion of all the mail types to ensure the protection of delivery against the dam-age, theft and weather impacts.


  • the mail container consists on a framework having three
  • rigid sides and a soft container made from the woven or non-woven fabrics and placed in-side the framework
  • rigid container framework is manufactured from the thin-walled tubes, en-suring its strength and light-weight rigid container framework is enameled
  • design of a rigid framework ensures putting empty containers one into an-other
  • for storing and transportation of the spare containers, their bottom and face sides could be folded thereby reducing their volume, as follows:
  1. one unfolded container - 1.17 m2
  2. folded container - 0.55 m2
  3. four unfolded containers - 4.68 m2
  4. four folded containers - 2.20 m2
  • a soft container is fastened to a rigid framework with the belts
  • for loading mails and parcel, the soft container is fitted with a special opening that could be zippered or thereby allowing its sealing
  • soft container could be made from the incombustible tarpaulin, water-resistant fabrics etc.
  • a face side of the soft container could be marked with the company's logo or other labels according to the customer's requirements
  • a soft container is fitted with a special closable pocket for the technical documentation
  • running gear of the container consists on the two hinged rotating wheels and two rigid wheels, which allow its high handleability
  • rotating wheels have a brake assembly that allows mail container to be fixed on an incline
  • slamming and releasing brakes could be done with a foot
  • mail container has a special drag-bar for the group transportation of no more than four containers in a coupling
  • there exists a special catch on the bottom of container, which serves for hooking on the drag-bar of another container

Container's weight and overall dimensions

  • length 950 mm
  • width 720 mm
  • height 1700m
  • net capacity no less than 1 m3
  • weight of empty container no more than 70 kg
  • maximum load no more than 350 kg

Complete set

  • rigid container framework DNIM.301241.024
  • soft container DNIM.322945.022
  • technical passport
  • both rigid and soft containers could be ordered separately

Service life, shelf life and warranty period

Service life for a rigid container DNIM. 301241.024 is eight years and for a soft container DNIM. 322945.022 - one year.

The manufacturer guarantees compliance of the container with all require-ments of the operational manual provided the conditions of its operation, storage and transportation are observed.

Warranty shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacturing container.

Warranty service life for the container DNIM.301241.024 is two years from the date of putting the container into operation. This term does not include the storage time of the container by the customer if it does not exceed 12 months.

All the container's units are easy-off and interchangeable which increases its maintainability during the operation.

Having bought our mail container, you could:

  • to increase efficiency of the mail transportation due to the best relation
  • between the mail's weight and container's weight and due to reducing volume of the empty containers to be transported
  • to reduce the personnel fatigability due to a high mobility and handleability of the container running gear
  • to reduce the space needed for storing the spare containersto the necessary for handling
The Exhibition "The industry Kiever".
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The Exhibition "The high technology XXI century".
Guests of our stand were a mayor of the Moscow Yuriy Luzhkov.

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