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123, Frunze street,
Kyiv, Ukraine
tel.: (+38044) 468-51-64
fax: (+38044) 468-70-84
E-mail: den@ukrpack.net

Working Clothes Production


Modern working clothes is the face of your firm, its success.

Our firm, disposing of the first class specialists, equipment, the newest technologies, and good suppliers of fabrics and accessories, can:

  • work out a unique firm style of working clothes for you;
  • offer you the best models that correspond with the level and style of your firm;
  • draw any image on the working clothes, including logotype of your firm or any other advertising image;
  • offer you fabrics and accessories of world's leading firms working in this field;
  • create working clothes with reflecting stripes for those who work outdoors in the dark time with the aim to provide their safety;
  • create signal waistcoats with reflecting stripes and inscriptions.

Drawing images and logotypes at the clothes is realized by the method of serigraphy with the use of imported paints that don't lose their colors after repeated laundry.

The working clothes with reflecting stripes made of ecologically clean, not fluorescent material, and is designed according to European standards EN 417; 89/656/E C. Such working clothes will protect from automobile-pedestrian accidents.

Tailoring of working clothes can be realized either of our fabrics, coordinated with the customer, or of the fabrics offered by the latter.

We fulfill orders taking account of the customer's needs (sizes and quantity, which can be from units to thousands).

Prices of our working clothes are relatively low whereas their quality is high. The price mainly depends on fabrics quality, sophistication of drawn images and reflecting stripes, and also of an amount to order.

The Exhibition "The industry Kiever".
Our stand has visitted a president of the Ukraine, a mayor of the Kiev Alexander Omelichenko and others.

The Exhibition "The high technology XXI century".
Guests of our stand were a mayor of the Moscow Yuriy Luzhkov.

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